Jae’s Picks

Here’s where I share with you a few people and things that float my boat that I think you might like too.

New Music: Jill Scott
Jill Scott WomanJilly from Philly definitely delivers on this one. It has a classic sound with those keepin’ it real lyrics she is known for. I love the way she incorporated big band music into several cuts. Her song Fool’s Gold reminds me of my last relationship but that’s another story for another time. It’s a great album from beginning to end. Download it. You’ll be glad you did.  Purchase it here.

CalyKeys Presents: Dr. Geno Gibson and The Place of the OutPouring Sanctuary Choir


My church recently released its first EP featuring our pastor Dr. Eugene “Geno” Gibson, Jr. Not many churches can say that their pastor also used to be a minister of music and he’s just as gifted behind the microphone singing as he is preaching. I love the project and I know you will too. Order Now!

Fashion: The Cross Body Bag

Crossbody bags2This is not a new phenomenon by any means but this past year I’ve been rocking cross body bags like they just came out. They are great chic hands-free way to carry my daily staples. Don’t get my wrong, I enjoy my hand bags to but having to set them down when shopping or at an outing where I’ll be using my hands a lot can be cumbersome. The last couple I snagged were on sale at Wilson’s Leather. There are many differed styles and you’re sure to find one that fits your distinct style and personality.

Food or Drink: Starbucks Blonde Roast

20150818_135253_resizedIf you have every gotten coffee from Starbucks you know from experience that is has a BIG BOLD TASTE. I had to stop drinking it in the evening because I would be so wired at bedtime that I couldn’t enjoy my nightly tryst with the Sandman. Then I discovered their Blonde Roast. It has the great Starbucks taste I love without as much of the caffeine kick or at least it feels like it. Thanks Starbucks for thinking about coffee lightweights like me. I’m actually drinking one while I type this.

Website: AlwaysRemainPositive.com

1545910_573469826073087_23359857_nThere is so much negativity in the world. So I must say that I was pleased when radio personality Nate Boogie launched a website with nothing but encouraging words. According to the site it was designed to consciously condition your “Alpha Thought” with a positive nature that will spread through out the aspects of one’s life. Each of us could use a daily reminder to adjust our attitude. Your attitude truly does determine how you process any situation. I for one prefer to keep a smile on my face. Check it our for yourself, http://www.alwaysremainpositive.com.

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