Jae’s Picks

Here’s where I share with you a few people and things that float my boat that I think you might like too.

Old School Music: Whitney Houston

I don’t know if I can really classify Whitney Houston as Old School. I’ve always considered her music timeless. However, in light of the fact that she would have turned 51 this past August, she is my pick for this month. One of my favorite songs by her is “You Give Good Love”. Why? I used to love when they played this song at the skating rink I would go to as a child, Crystal Palace. I loved to watch the fellas as they zoomed past me with there silk shirts billowing in the wind.



jade-nova-promo2New School Music: Jade Nova

I started following this phenomenal talent on YouTube in 2013. I was blown away by the selection of high quality videos of popular cover songs she had for viewing. I’m waiting for the rest of the world to catch up and acknowledge the amazing talent she is. Her vocal range and delivery will blow you away. You can download her free mixtape “Shades of Jade” here. You won’t be disappointed. It’s full of some great covers and a few original songs. So far, my favorite original song by her is Jade Nova is “Stick and Stones”. She recently did a very moving tribute to Ms. Houston. Listen to it here. She also does a hilarious spoof of Beyoncé Knowles called Keyoncé Bowles. It’s definitely worth a gander as well.




Fashion: Rosegal  www.rosegal.com 

SwinsuitI’m in the process of preparing for a trip to the Dominican Republic and I found a delicious variety of swimsuits at prices I can afford.  They sell lots of other items besides swimsuits. too. I actually ordered that cute little number on the left.







Food & Drink: Roscato

RoscatoI first had this delicious red wine Moscato by Rosso Dolce at Olive Garden and I have been hooked ever since. Unfortunately it is not available everywhere. But you can order it online for a decent price.





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