Jae’s Picks

Here’s where I share with you a few people and things that float my boat that I think you might like too.

Bobby Womack
Old School Music: Bobby Womack 

The R&B/Soul world mourns yet another loss of one of our own. It was reported recently that legendary soul singer Bobby Womack passed away at the age of 70. If you love R&B, you know his brassy soulful voice delivering hits like That’s The Way I Feel About You, Across 110th St. and If You Think You’re Lonely Now spoke to your soul as he belted out the lyrics. There is and never will be another. Read More About Womack Here.



Ariana-Grande-Problem-VideoNew School Music: Ariana Grande

I just got hip to the petite pop fire house named Ariana Grande. Her sound and octave range is reminiscent of Mariah Carey but she definitely adds her own “just lovin’ life, come party with me vibe” to it. She’s already dropped one album, “Yours Truly” and her second, “My Everything”  is slated to be to be released in August. Her current hit Problems with Iggy Azalea is burning up the charts. Listen to it here.


think_like_a_man_tooMovies: Think Like A Man Too What can I say, it’s twice as good as the first and full of laughs and I think everyone should go see it. Besides Michael Ealy looks divine as usual. View the trailer. 








Seven ThingsBooks: Seven Things That Steal Your Joy: Overcoming the Obstacles to Your Happiness by Joyce Meyer

Why? Since my mother died I need to find a consistent happy place. Hey, just being honest. I’ll let you know what I learn. Purchase it here.






NasyGalFashion: Nasty Gal  www.nastygal.com 

I’ve loved this site since I learned the founder is in her 20’s and a millionaire. I admire her ingenuity and grind and I don’t mind telling others about it.








Red_Velvet_CheesecakeFood: Red Velvet Cheesecake

My favorite place to get this locally, here in Memphis, is Evergreen Grill but if you are in a city that has a Cheesecake Factory do yourself a favor and devour this. You can also have it shipped.




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