Just My Opinion: Kim K Fail

KK_PictureI have never been a fan of Kim K. I don’t know her and we’ve never met so I can’t say she has done anything to me personally. Everyone says she is a really nice person and I wouldn’t be surprised if we did happen to meet and I liked her. My problem is the superficial lifestyle that she and her family promote. They seem to be fine with the fact that the images they present to the public makes them appear to be shallow, media attention grabbers with no substance other than maybe their dedication to family and grinding hard to create wealth. For me, it sends a very bad message. Not to mention the plethora of men Kim was linked to before snagging Kanye and if you listen to his ex, Amber Rose, she was messing with him while they were still in a relationship. Such behavior helps to promote the theory that presenting a wholesome image while being selective and chaste will get you nowhere in the love department. Not to mention she was still married to another man when she began dating Kanye and became pregnant. But that’s all in the past, right? So, let’s not dwell on old stuff. She’s an honest woman now but still not a great role model.

When I saw this picture I thought WTH?? Is this what motherhood looks like now? I truly believe that you can be a haute mommy. Lots of women do it every day but when you are with your child or children is it important to actually look like a mother and not a video vixen? We’ve all seen them. The mother who shows up to the school in something  short, tight and/or cleavage baring as if they had no idea they would be around children that day. I’ve seen it in the grocery store. Instead of looking like they are spending a day with their children some women opt to look like they are going to the club. The ones that disturb me the most are the ones in booty shorts. I think it sets a very bad example for their daughters for them to be out in public with their cheeks on display like the sale items at the end of each aisle. It says that “this is the way you get a man’s attention” and as far as our boys, it creates a mental template in their minds that this is the type of woman he should seek to share his life with. … a bad b%*#h. Yes, I have seen women with this on their shirts and they were with their children. Every man wants a woman like his mother, right? If you are going to rock the lil shorts, why not wear those when the kids are away with the grandparents and you are out with the girls? I truly believe there is a time and place for everything and baring it all while pushing your baby down the street may create great headlines but it also gets my stamp of INAPPROPRIATE and EPIC FAIL. Next time, button the blazer Kimmie.

Imagoodwoman.com is by book author Jae Henderson. Her inspirational romance novels, Someday, Someday, Too, and Forever and a Day are now available in ebook (Kindle and Nook) and paperback. Get her new ebook Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1 on Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com. Read her other blogs at, http://www.jaehendersonauthor.com and http://www.mysideofthesinglelife.com. 


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