Iggy Azalea: White. Female. Rapper. So?


Don’t hate on Iggy Azalea simply because she is white. She is quickly becoming a household name and breaking records to boot. For over a year I have been looking for someone to give Nicki Minaj a run for her money simply because it bothers me that she is the only female rapper that the industry seems to want to give any airplay. I recognize that Nicki had nothing to do with that but it still bothers me. There are hundreds of talented and not-so-talented raptresses out there and several are trying to achieve international status (Lola Monroe, Azealia Banks, Rasheeda to name a few) but the only place that seems to give them any recognition is the BET Awards. Well enter Iggy Azalea…she is attractive, shapley, talented and WHITE. I’ll admit she wasn’t what I had in mind but before I passed any judgment on her I did my research. She is commercially impressive. She has the body of a black woman with plenty of assets to go around and her rhymes aren’t bad. However, it is the way that she has worked her way into the industry and now the top of the Billboard charts that most impressed me. She is a high school dropout from Australia who came to the US at the age of sixteen ALONE. I shudder to think what that young lady did to survive here on her own. Wikipedia only lists the words illegal activity. But she has survived and she is making the world take notice that she is here. Under the tutelage of T.I., she has released her new CD, “The New Classics,” and proclaimed that the face of hip hop is changing. I’ve only heard the songs that have been released for radio play and the ones on YouTube but as I said….not bad. A couple of them I actually liked such as Fancy and Murda Buziness but I thought Work was a little awkwardly written and too repetitive. I also like the fact that Iggy isn’t trying to be black. If you listen to her interviews there is no doubt that she is a white girl that grew up in a white culture. She also speaks so well. LOL! Although, I do find it interesting that when she starts rapping the accent disappears and she does seem to get a little “hood” in her delivery..

We all have to admit that African Americans no longer have a monopoly on the rap game. Whereas white rappers were once an anomaly, they along with Hispanics, are becoming the norm. I personally am not bothered by it. Talent is talent, hustle is hustle, money is money. All the way from the Beastie Boys, to Eminem, Big Pun and Fat Joe to Pit Bull and Macklemore…..I ain’t mad at cha. But until now, no female outside of an African American has been able to break the glass ceiling.

sexy-Iggy-AzaleaIf I were going to dislike Iggy Azalea it wouldn’t be because she is white, (that is petty and racist) it would be because musically she isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before but she’s being treated like she has. In her ascension to the top she is following the same formula almost every other female rapper has. Let me talk about crime, murder, etc. and use foul language to prove that I am just as hard as any man in the rap game. However, to make sure that they understand that I am female, I am going to talk about my lady parts and sexual prowess and parade around in tight clothes or half naked while shaking my assets for the world to see. It’s been going on since Lil’ Kim, Trina, and Foxy Brown came on the scene. Don’t forget about Ms. Minaj. She added in the animated appearance and bi-sexual factor. BTW….has anyone seen her with a woman? Iggy is the same formula in a new pale package. She doesn’t get kudos from me for doing it because she is white, but I’m not going to discredit her simply because she’s white either. I will however acknowledge that she is the first white girl to do it successfully. That is where I give her credit and the fact that she has had the guts to get out there and stick with it. Entertainment is not an easy job. However, in my opinion it’s okay to talk about sex and be sexy. It’s a part of life but if that’s the majority of what I see and hear from an artist I will stop listening. We’ll see how long Iggy keeps my attention.

Iggy said during an interview about her album that she no longer twerks anymore onstage but she hires other people to do it. They also have stripper poles. That doesn’t surprise me coming from a woman with a song called PU$$Y. It is what it is. That’s what some people like and Iggy Azalea will probably receive a lot of support from them. It’s not my cup of tea but I don’t wish bad on anyone. I wish Iggy the best, and I congratulate her on her current and future successes. The same goes for Nicki Minaj. One cannot deny that she has not only broken the glass ceiling but shattered it to smithereens. She is the highest grossing female rapper of all time. I just wish her lyrics were more uplifting and clean and she wouldn’t show up on Ellen wearing a shirt with one button.

I am waiting on a new millennium raptress who comes from the lineage of MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Eve, and Left-Eye (RIP). The one who isn’t selling her coochie or suckretary skills in almost every one of her songs, and cussing us all out as she shows that she can be attractive, sexy, smart and the baddest lyricist to ever pick up a mic. Oh yeah, she has on clothes and isn’t gyrating around the stage the whole time or allowing her dancers to do it. I need someone who doesn’t make me feel like I need to change the station when their song comes on the radio and I have children in the car. A LADY MC in the truest sense of the word. Someone I would want my nieces to be like. Someone who would never refer to herself as a b$%ch.

I may not see her during my lifetime because it seems that in order to get a record deal now women have to be willing to act like they have no home training and bare it all for the cameras. I’ll keep waiting and hopefully someone will answer my prayer and the record labels as well as the radio industry will be bold enough to let her in.

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