Why Men Love Women Who Love Sports

MrandMrsLewis2Teamwork is a tried and true fundamental of sports.  In sports it is important for everyone to be on the same page looking to accomplish the same goals. If one person thinks solely of themselves it can blow up the whole play costing the team the game.

Why do I point this out in speaking on relationships? It is important that a relationship be looked at as a team! I have a wonderful wife. We are very different. She is white, I am black. She came from a home which had two parents, I came from a home that had one. If I can say this, she comes from a super white family, I come from a super black family (lol). But when we met for the first time, we had such a great attraction for one another! You know opposites attract, but we had one thing in common….. We both absolutely loved The Lakers!!! Now our Lakers have fallen on hard times, but we still are fans nonetheless. Loyal and rooting always, both sharing the goal that our team will win.

See I believe the main benefit of having a wife who loves sports is that she innately understands the concept of team. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! Too often relationships are seen as an accomplishment, a personal mission in one’s life in which you are merely looking for someone to play the part in your personal life story. Marriage, or a relationship, can be looked at like some type of accessory that highlights or punctuates a person. From a standpoint of a man, we hate it when it becomes obvious that we are merely an accessory that accentuates our woman to others. This can be a turn off. We are looking for a partner in crime, a ride and die, a loyal companion who is about the vision that has been given to US. Yes US is the vital word. Learning sports and becoming a fan teaches this principle. Even individual sports have trainers, managers, corners, promoters. There truly is no “I” in team.

Seeing teamwork is a truly mesmerizing thing, even from a biblical standpoint. God poured out His Spirit when the disciples of Jesus were on one accord. The great pyramids certainly were not built by one person. The Great Wall of China took many people to build. It mesmerizes us to see a group of people work together to accomplish a goal. Having a wife who loves sports cuts out on the argument of watching them. I have yet to experience my wife shutting off the television in the middle of an important game (she understands why it’s important). Common ground is the bedrock of a team.

A team view is better than a partnership view. Yes, we are partners but often times when thinking of partnership we think 50/50. MrandMrsLewis3Team thinks whatever I have to do to make us win! My wife and I are different. We play different roles in our family. I am the one who really knows the word of God so I play the role of teacher primarily in this aspect (we have 5 children). My wife is a super neat freak, (I am opposite) she does more cleaning than me and divvies out the assignments to the children. See 50/50 says you do half the teaching, you do half the cleaning. Team says we do what’s best to help us accomplish our goals. On most sports teams, there are different positions being played. Normally in basketball the center is not expected to do the bulk of the ball handling, that’s for the point guard to do. Sports teaches how everyone’s gifts complement each other and the team as a whole.

See ladies, if you actually learn sports, become a fan of games, you may find it easy to relate to a man. When he sees you engaged in something he loves he feels less threatened by opening up emotionally about other things in his life. We both understand passion, vision, goals and teamwork. We are not in competition with one another, we are part of the same team.

I am no expert in relationships, but let me say this. In my present experience, the best thing about our relationship is my wife actually cooperates with me. In this day in age of the independent woman, men are having a hard time finding a cooperative mate. Cooperation is the most underrated aspect of a relationship. Suffice it to say, in my first marriage my wife never cooperated. My wife now cooperates 8 out of 10 times (no woman is perfect…except mine ). My first wife hated sports, my new wife loves sports and that gives me another reason to love her and another activity we can do together and enjoy.

Lance Lewis is a husband, father, minister, aircraft mechanic, and avid sports fan living in Anchorage, Alaska. He’s also my (Jae Henderson) adorable cousin! LOL 

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