What is Prime Time Television Teaching Us About Marriage?

WeddingRings-532_1469673aLast night I watched two of the season’s most popular shows, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. While my Facebook feed was abuzz about the amount of homosexual  love scenes and how the black female characters in both shows are involved with white men, I was disturbed by the amount of dysfunction being portrayed in the traditional marriage. Both shows had the married heterosexual couples in both episodes riddled with drama and turmoil while the singles were happily getting laid. It was as if to say that if you want to be happy and have sexual relations don’t get married. I recognize that this was one episode but the married couples on Scandal have been having problems for the past two seasons. Case in point:

1. President Fitzgerald Grant was having an affair with Olivia Pope. His wife, Mellie, was raped by her father-in-law and years later almost had an affair to get back at Fitz for his infidelity. According to Fitz, Mellie never loved him. She loved the status and privilege being married to him gave her.

2. Vice President Sally Langston was a Bible thumper married to a closet homosexual, who was in denial about his homosexuality, whom she later murdered because his activities were about to cost her, her bid for presidency.

3. Olivia’s mother and father were once married but they both turned out to be lying, assassins. Oh yeah, her mother was having an affair with a fellow terrorist.

4. Even the gay married couple, Cyrus and James, were having problems. Cyrus pimped out his husband to the aforementioned closet homosexual in hopes of using the experience as leverage to assure that President Fitzgerald won the next election.

Need I say more?

Then we have How to Get Away with Murder which opened with the main character, Annalise Keating, having an affair and it’s pretty safe to say that her husband is having one too, the question is with whom? Foretelling scenes have already shown us that the hubby will end up dead.

Last night’s episode featured an eccentric millionaire who killed his first wife because he wanted to be with his mistress, whom he married once wifey number one was dead.

Come on Shonda Rhimes and ABC, can I get just one married couple with a happy, healthy relationship? I’m not saying that they can’t have any problems because marriage is work but can they at least be good people who are committed to their marriage and doing things that are representative of such. It may not be popular with ratings but it just might help American marriages. I recognize that this is just two shows on one network but we have to start somewhere and why not start with two of the most popular shows?

As a single woman who hopes to one day get married, I for one still believe in the institution of marriage and that it can be a beautiful thing when you are with the right person. I’ve had too many great examples in my family not to. My grandparents on both sides were married over 50 years before one of them passed away. I have a host of aunts and uncles who have been together longer than I have been on this earth. Yes, I’ve seen the stats that in this day in age over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Well, I don’t measure my success by the failures of others, and I’d like to see more married couples, interracial or not, on prime time television who don’t either.

Just add it to my Christmas list. Can someone make sure that it gets to the TV execs?

If you are married and happy feel free to leave a comment. I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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