She Wore That To Church!!

Ladies attending church in South Africa

Ladies attending a church service. (Yes Seriously)

I don’t think I told you guys that I am now co-hosting a new weekly Christian blogtalk show called Spiritually Speaking. We recently discussed the topic of Christian behavior. One of the things brought up was the attire many women select to attend church services. I’d like to expound.

I have no problem with casual wear in church. However, it does disturb my spirit when I see women dressed for service as if they are going to the club: short tight skirts and dresses, cleavage baring tops, tight jeans, legging and jeggings with a short shirt. Cover up your assets please!

I know Jesus said come as you are but He was referring to the brokenness of your life not the sexuality of your appearance. Yes, He knows your heart but there is no need to give the congregation a view of it as it beats because of your plunging neckline. I understand if someone does not have dress clothes or even the most fashionable clothes. I for one do not care but I refuse to believe that every item in a woman’s closet looks as if it was seared to her body. I’m not saying, if someone comes to church inappropriately dressed she should be asked to leave or reprimanded. What I am saying is I would hope she would know better and if she doesn’t hopefully, after attending church for a few Sundays she will notice that most of the church is not dressed like her and change her manner of dress.

I was raised that the church is a place of worship. Therefore, it is holy ground and you should present yourself as chaste and ladylike, even if you are not.  At the church I currently attend, during the summer we have a very laid back dress code. My pastor understands that those sweltering temperatures are not conducive for a suit. However, one of thing he says each year to the ladies is “If you have to think about it, you probably shouldn’t wear it.” I heard one pastor say during a singles conference, “Stop dressing like you don’t know you are coming to church.” However, one thing I don’t think women who dress like that realize is that no matter how cute you think may look, no matter how great a figure you may have, it’s not about you. That type of clothing is a distraction to those who have come to worship with you. I remember one Sunday a young lady came to church in a tight and short gold and black dress. Suddenly, the people around me were no longer paying attention to the choir or the pastor, all eyes were on her as she sashayed down the aisle. I saw people looking at her and whispering. I, for one, examined it from two different angles. Of all the places she could have been she was at church. Praise God that she was in a safe environment honoring the one who created her. I was glad she was there, but I did wish she had put on a more appropriate outfit. I immediately said to the people around me, “Just pray for her.” Talking about her wouldn’t change anything. She was there, get over it. Everyone would have settled down quickly if she had gone to her seat and stayed there but that young lady got up at least two more times during service. One time by herself and another time to escort a child to the bathroom. I heard the lady in front of me say, “I wish she would just sit down.” She was indeed a distraction.

The same thing is true of men who are having a hard time focusing on the sermon because a young woman near them has on a revealing top or a short skirt and gorgeous legs. Ladies, wearing a short skirt to church is not only inappropriate but it’s also not practical. If it’s already short, it’s only going to seem shorter when you sit down and in church you spend most of your time sitting. Now, you are trying to sit in a way so that you don’t seem even more inappropriate and your twat isn’t resting on the pew. Only the Lord knows the cleanliness of the person who sat there before you or the last time they washed those cushions! Back in the day, if a woman wore a short skirt to church, the ushers would give them a cloth to put over their legs. Some still do it if a woman is sitting on the front pew so as not to distract the preachers in the pulpit. I remember another incident where a women with ample behind wearing a pair of leggings got up for altar call. I realized that I wasn’t the only one who noticed when a wise usher strategically placed herself behind her so that those who chose to stay in their seats were not distracted by her large derriere. If you are going to wear tight pants to church, at least put on a long shirt or blouse that covers all that donk.

The Bible itself says, “Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments, but rather by means of good works, as is proper for women making a claim to godliness.” Timothy 2 9-10. I recognize that this was written a long time ago but it is basically saying to not come to church showing off you bodily and earthly goods. At that moment, it is about worshiping God, learning about what He requires of you, and building a better relationship with Him. It is not about wearing clothing items that are sure to get you noticed. There is nothing wrong with looking nice for church but make sure you are seeking the approval of God and not man. If you are not sure what proper clothing means ask one of the wise kind women of the church. They would be happy to assist you. If you are coming to church to get a man’s attention is that really the type of attention you want? You want him to see you as a sex object rather than a help meet and potential wife? If that’s the case, you will probably get exactly what you are asking for.

So, my good women remember the next time you get ready to go to church that it’s not about just you, it’s about the people around you but most importantly, it is about God.  Please present yourselves as a holy vessel intent on contributing to the service in a positive way. Better yet, ask yourself this question. If Jesus came to earth looking for a wife, based on your appearance, would He even look your way? Strive to make your outfit as holy and beautiful as your heart.

Please tune in this Thursday at 6 p.m. CST as my co-host Ta’Mara Nicole and I discuss Christian Dating.

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