Me Want One Wednesday: The Valley Bag

ValleyBagIf you are like me, you believe your hand bag is a crucial accessory and change it almost as often as you change your outfits. But wouldn’t it be easier to switch out if you didn’t have to dump everything out and transfer the items piece by piece to the new fabulous bag you want to rock? I often forget something in the pockets that I don’t notice is missing until I need it. Well our problems are solved with The ValleyBag™by CCK. The ValleyBag™ was developed out of the desire for a more refined handbag organizer insert. It has a classic silhouette design with drawcord functionality and the pockets keep everything where you can find it. It’s even stylish enough to be carried as a handbag, if desired.  The ValleyBag™ comes in different sizes, styles and colors. So, I’m sure you’ll find one that suits your needs! No more searching though a cluttered handbag – Save yourself time and frustration. Get yours at

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