The View From Mars: What Men Think About V Day

flowers-and-chocolates_400x295_43After we stuff all the turkeys, wrap all the gifts and scream “Happy New Year,” there is one more holiday we usually celebrate before the season of spring. It’s Valentine’s Day. Once a schoolboy’s playground for sending out romantic gestures—such as “pick me” or “kiss me” in the form of colorful heart-shaped candy—has now become just another day for some men. The commercialization of Valentine’s Day has watered down the boyhood fantasy of testing his romantic boundaries to the girl of his dreams. Materialism has become the mask of Valentine’s Day, and the purity of the day is now tainted. There is a huge misconception that men and Valentine’s Day are like oil and water. In my honest opinion, I just don’t believe that’s the case.

What made Valentine’s Day so special for men, when we were young boys, was the reaction we would receive from our crush no matter the gift. It wasn’t about the gift itself, but the thought and creativity that was put into it. The simplicity of the gesture is what made all the difference in the world. However, just like everything else, as adults we find a way to mess things up. For example, look at what the commercialization of Christmas has done to the purity of the holiday. The true meaning of Christmas is underneath the multiple layers of materialism. Sure it’s still a great day for kids, but for adults…it’s no longer one of the most wonderful times of the year. As adults, year after year we crowd the stores in droves just to spend money we really don’t have to make our kids Christmas “The Best Ever”. This is what has happened to V-Day as well.

Some men feel as if a price tag has been placed on Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, as men we do want to please the women in our lives. We try to do it the best way we can afford to. However, there are some women who no longer appreciate the gesture. Instead they appreciate the value of the gift itself. Whenever a price tag has been placed on love, in due time love will no longer live there. Just as women bring baggage from a prior relationship, men do the same. So ladies, it’s not that men are not romantic and don’t think of you on Valentine’s Day. It’s just that it’s expected now. It’s no longer spontaneous. It’s no longer about love. It’s has become another way for corporations to make money at our expense. So while we are being bombarded with commercials telling us how love should be defined, I challenge you all to tap back into your childhood. Don’t just make February 14th special, but make sure every day is Valentine’s Day. While you’re at it, think more about the gesture and not about how much it cost.

Guest Blogger

Mario KingMario D. King is a husband, father, and author of the book “The Crisis Before Midnight”. He writes to change the world one book at a time. His passion for communication and diverse cultures has introduced Mario to a new mission to uplift minds through word and film. Follow him during his three year goal to spark an educational revolution through action and literacy.

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