Me Want One: Smart Finder for Keys and Kids

Android Key FinderAre you always losing your keys? I lose mine inside the house at least once a day. I think I found myself some help. Check out the Smart Finder by Pally. It uses an app to help you locate your keys. You can also attach it to your child and use it as a child finder. It’s compatible with iPhones too! Starting at $24.99 there’s no reason to complain about the price. Buy it here.

  • Free iOS & Android App to find your misplaced keys and other objects from your smart phone
  • Virtual leash to alert you if your valuables are left behind
  • 2+ years battery life, 150ft/50m range, 90dB very loud alarm
  • iOS App Works with iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S, iPad 3/4/Air, iPad mini/mini2, iPod touch 5 or later. Android App tested on Android 4.3/4.4.
  • Firmware can be upgraded wirelessly to support additional features, e.g. iBeacon micro-location, remote for smartphone, home automation, office security, enterprise inventory tracking


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