7 Traits of a Highly Scorned Woman

Bitter-Black-WomanRough day? Rough week? Rough month? Rough year? Rough life! Day in and day out you feel like a soldier in the army fighting a battle, putting out fires, and doing your best to save the world. It seems like you’re doing what you’ve got to do but in essence it’s eating away at the core of who you are. The femininity that you should possess begins to fade away. The sweetness that should be in your voice and in your spirit starts to disappear. The faith that helped you to get through the tough times is becoming non-existent. You are slowly turning into a highly scorned woman (gasp). Not you? Oh yes, YOU!

In this e-book, I will delve into the 7 Traits of a Highly Scorned Woman so you can see for yourself what you’re becoming. Of course I won’t let you turn into a mad woman so I will also offer you 7 tips on how to lift the weights of life off your back so you can have the strength to stare your problems in the face so they run in the other direction giving you freedom and confidence.


It’s easier than you think to become a scorned woman. That promotion that you thought you’d get was given to your co-worker who you KNOW doesn’t deserve it. That boyfriend you thought was the most faithful man ever cheated on you and married HER! That house that you had your heart set on was snatched up by another person faster than the realtor could say YOU WERE NOT APPROVED! That ministry–at the church that you’ve been a member of for 13 years–that you wanted to lead was given to the new guy who just joined the church a month ago. The list goes on and on.
Life can deal us an unfair hand at a moment’s notice and if you’re not careful you can begin to think that it’s all because of you, your existence, your poor choices, your parents, your kids, your job, your car, your everything. These situations can lead to bitterness, anger, jealousy, and much more. Before you know it, you are a WOMAN SCORNED! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Let’s take a look at the 7 Traits of a Highly Scorned Woman.









You may be bitter and not even know that bitterness has consumed you like a cloak of darkness that comes over a room when the light switch has been turned off. It has become your best friend, your confidant, your way of life. It has become the essence of who you are and how you survive the difficulties in life. Truth is, it can make you operate like a scorned woman. So what is bitterness? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, bitterness is “disagreeable, intensity, unpleasant especially in coldness or rawness.”

Yeah, life has been tough but you’re convinced that you’re not bitter. Ahem! Okay! We’ll see about that! Nothing excites you anymore. Everyone and everything is annoying. Everyone gets on your nerves in some shape, form or fashion. They’re either in your way or they’re highly irritating. You hate everything there is to hate from each new day to each second of each day. No one or nothing can make you happy because you are just mad about being mad. You begin to see no way out of the minutest situation and when catastrophe strikes, you saw it coming from a mile away. You can predict everything that will go wrong in your life and the lives of others. You don’t keep the bad news to yourself but instead you spread the news everywhere you go through your facial expressions, moans, groans, huffs, puffs and words. If you could go your entire day without the interruption of people, it would be great in your world. No noise, no talking, no questions, no answers, no, no, no! Seems silly when you think about it but when life has caused you to become bitter, you walk around looking and feeling like you’re sucking lemons all day.

In fact, Bitterness is a close cousin to Jealousy. Instead of bouncing back from a few setbacks in your life that were more than likely temporary, you have taken on a permanent bad attitude about life.


1) Admit that you are Bitter | Say, “I’m Bitter”

2) Reflect on who and what caused the bitterness | Say “I’m Bitter About _______”

3) Pray for those who hurt you and situations that damaged/delayed you

4) Forgive yourself

5) Expect greatness

6) Surround yourself with people who love life

7) Be intentional about becoming a better person who’s no longer a bitter person

To learn more about the other six traits of a highly scorned women and how to get rid of them, visit www.theglamourgirlmovement.com and download the FREE ebook of our guest blogger, Megan Mottley.

Guest Blogger

meganmottleypicMegan Mottley is an author, publisher of Divine Magazine, and motivational speaker. Visit her website and purchase a copy of her latest book, Glamour Girl: How to Get the Ultimate Makeover. She also has lots of free goodies! www.theglamourgirlmovement.com

2 thoughts on “7 Traits of a Highly Scorned Woman

  1. You put this so well. Yes, you have to say to yourself, I am bitter and that is not okay. A little honesty and forgiveness with yourself goes a long way. Thank you for your post.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed. Admitting you are not okay is the first step to healing. So many of us walk around wearing the mask and trying to be Superwoman. We don’t have to but we shouldn’t dwell in a negative place either. Thank you so much for visiting the site and leaving a comment.

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