Me Want One Wednesday: The Lighted Compact

Lighted CompactI recently attended a conference in Dallas and rode the bus to get there. YES, I rode the bus. It was $40 round-trip on Megabus. I couldn’t beat that price flying or driving. I tend to like the overnight buses so I can sleep through the trip. Which is exactly what I did. However, once we neared our destination I wanted to put on some lipstick and the driver wasn’t turning the overhead lights on fast enough for me and there was no way I was going to try to get to the bathroom as the other riders were trying to disembark. Lucky for me, I had a lighted compact in my purse. So, when I arrived I was looking fabulous as I was escorted to my hotel. I realized then that every woman should carry a lighted compact. Therefore, it’s my pic for Me Want One Wednesday. There are several places you can get one but I suggest you get one that shuts off automatically when closed. That way forgetting to turn it off isn’t possible. Mine was an item in a gift bag but try this one by Isabella.

The LED lighting surrounds the magnifying side, but it illuminates the other side as well, and it’s bright enough to use in a dark car or room. From the distortion-free DFP glass on the inside to the sparkling crystals adorning the outside, this mirror is a class act. Small enough for your purse and large enough to use for travel. Makes a great gift too! It uses two button-cell batteries (included). The price is $19.99.

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