Me Want One Wednesday: Essential Car Care for Women Book

Essential Care Care Guide for WomenWe all know that there is more to car maintenance than pumping gas. However, how many women actually learn how to maintain our cars ourselves? Most of us drive it until one of the indicator lights starts blinking and then drop it off at the shop. Well, for those of us who want to do better, help our cars run smoother and cleaner longer and possibly save a little money there is help. In the book, Essential Car Care for Women, ESPN NASCAR pit reporter Jamie Little and Discovery Channel “Turbo Expert” Danielle McCormick team up to offer the indispensable, hard-won advice women need to buy, sell, and care for their cars with confidence.

With this handy guide, women will learn how to save themselves money by performing basic—but essential—maintenance tasks on their own. Little and McCormick explain what an alternator, regulator, distributor, and timing belt are; how to change a tire, recharge a flat battery, check the oil, and assess tire pressure; what to do when a car breaks down or when an accident occurs; how to buy a car without being taken advantage of; and more. You can purchase it on for the affordable price of $11.99 for paperback and $9.99 for Kindle.

For those of you who like hands on help, there is an online community you can join for great tips.

Visit the Girls Auto Clinic community, founded by Patrice Banks of #sheCanics. This engineer turned mechanic is on a mission to education women about cars and open the first auto repair shop that caters specifically to women. You can also sign up for her blog at

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