Me Want One Wednesday: Potent Page Turner

Potent Page TurnerWe all could use a drink every now and then but everyone doesn’t have to know. With this Flask Book Box you can take a page from Prohibition-era stashes, and allow Talia Halliday’s boozy book to stow your spirits away until you’re ready to share with your most trusted partner in crime. Made from reclaimed library books, the warmly weathered cover opens to reveal the first few pages of a well-loved novel, then a final flip reveals a hollowed out holder for the included 6-ounce flask. Set this handsome vintage tome on your bookshelf and channel your inner-Hemingway or Bukowski whenever the occasion strikes. Handmade in Indiana. Made exclusively by Uncommon Goods. Drink responsibly.

$56.00 each  Click Here to Order

Please note: each Flask Book Box is one of a kind. Size, title, color, and genre will vary.

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