Me Want One Wednesday: High Speed 3-Port USB Car Chargers

Car ChargersIf you’re like me, you’ve got a lot of gadgets and you’ve got a lot of things on those gadgets that tend to drain the battery FAST. It has become a necessity for me to carry chargers everywhere I go lest my phone die and I have to drive home with a dead cell phone. For some reason, my cell phone charges very slowly in my car. God forbid I have something happen and need to make a phone call. I also may have to suffer a tongue lashing from of friends, family or a significant other who has been trying to reach me about something important or not so important. I run a business as well, so it’s important that my clients have access to me. But there’s also my iPod, tablet and other items that accompany me often. Well a handy solution may be this high speed 3-port USB car charger by Kocaso. I actually found them on sale on Groupon for $14.99 when they are regularly priced for $139.98. Oh did I mention you get TWO of them. That’s quite a savings. I’ll be placing an order. Feel free to join me. Here’s the link.

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