Has Your Mr. Right Been Hit by a Bus?

Hello Everyone! It’s me again. I know I’ve been kind of quiet but that’s because I’ve  been extremely busy with the launch of my new book. I’m extremely proud to present, “Things Every Good Woman Should Know Volume 2: Dear God, Did My Boaz Get Hit by a Bus?”

Book CoverMany woman of faith refer to their ideal mate as Boaz, who is a gentleman found in the Bible in the book of Ruth. This introspective look at dating and relationships examines the question many women have asked when trying to rationalize why it’s taking Mr. Righteous so long to make his entrance. The answers are found in 8 entertaining tales designed to nourish the spirit and encourage women to make wise decisions while maintaining their faith. Failed relationships, dishonest men and bad choices can wreak havoc on a woman’s love life, but there is always hope. No woman can predict when her Boaz will arrive, but she can live her best life until the time that he does. Enjoy these stories and then share them with friends:

Does Boaz Still Exist?                                

Heavenly Minded, No Earthly Good

Live A Little                                                   Find the Humor In It

The Preacher and the Princess                  Do the Right Thing

The Ex-Files                                                  Just Have Faith

Women of all ages can appreciate these faith-filled examples of love, relationships and the single struggle. Sometimes you want to laugh and sometimes you want to cry, but one thing you won’t want to do is put this book down. It is available on Amazon.com or get an autographed copy directly from me. Order your copy today! Read an excerpt from What Goes Around Comes Around.


If you are in or near Memphis, I would love for you to attend the book signing this Saturday. It’s going to be a lot of fun with our Does Boaz Still Exist? panel discussion with several professional singles who are willing to share their thoughts and feelings about dating and relationships. Here’s the flyer! For more information, visit my author website. Be blessed!


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