Me Want One Wednesday: Crown Headphones

RihannaI usually don’t post things most people can’t afford but every now and then there is something so amazing that it’s worth mentioning. The songstress Rihanna captivated the internet this week when she took a picture rocking these crown head phones by Dolce and Gabbana while claiming to listen to her awaited album Anti. They are beyond gorgeous but you pay a whopping $8,895.00 to look like royalty. My first thought was…I can buy a used car for that much! I would NEVER pay that much for a pair of headphones even if they are made of napa leather and Swarovski crystals and pearls and for that price I expected some real gold somewhere but no deals. At least they are compatible with MP3 readers, smartphones, and audio playback devices but it doesn’t matter if I would actually purchase them because they are currently sold out. So, this is one week where me can want one all me want but I’m never gonna get it. They actually have other styles but these are the ones that make you feel like royalty. But you know what the tragedy about this is? It’s that UK princess Rita Ora posted a picture of herself rocking these days early and barely a soul noticed. She’s been called a knock off Rihanna more than once and this ain’t helping even though Rita appears to have had them first. Oh well.

Headphones       Rita

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