Valentine’s Gifts for Men

There really aren’t any holidays that focus on men other than Father’s Day. The majority of Christmas ads are geared toward children and women. Valentine’s Day and the Sweetest Day are mostly about women as well. Ladies, if you’ve got a good man make the day as much about him as it is about you and buck the status quo by surprising the special man in your life with gifts outside of a card, socks or a tie. I found a great write up on with 37 wonderful suggestions but these five were my favorite.

Spirits Tasting Flight

5-flavours-scotchGive your favorite whiskey aficionado the experience of tasting multiple types of Scotch from the comfort of his couch. This gift includes three small, 45 ml bottles of Scottish whisky and an easy-to-follow chart to help him demystify the flavor profiles (Light or rich? Smoky or delicate?) of each one. To buy: $50 for two months, visit


Briefcase Barbecue

barbecue-briefcaseDoes he love to grill? No road trip or picnic will be the same with this one. Whether his specialty is cheeseburgers or ribs, this portable grill will get the job done—no matter where he’s spending the day. The briefcase opens to reveal a fully functioning charcoal grill with enough room to cook for two. Those picnic dates just got a whole lot better. To buy: $76,

Drink Tanks Growler

drinktanks-growlerKeep hot things hot and cold things cold longer. Not your average growler, this vessel holds 64 ounces (more than five cans of beers) of cold or warm liquid—and keeps it ice cold (or piping hot) for more than 24 hours. A sturdy double-barreled chamber means no spills or leaks, even if he’s hiking. To buy: $69,

Hey Handsome Shaving Kit

heyhandsome-kit_300Remind him that he’s still got it even when he’s away. This ultimate survival kit has a rugged duck canvas and nylon exterior, the water-repellent interior, and the sweet words on the bottom. To buy: $68,

Literary Lovers Book Cufflinks

darcy-cufflinks_300As an author I couldn’t pass up these. Put a twist on a classic: A pair of cufflinks created with reproductions of pages from his all-time favorite novels. To buy: $25,



Find all 37 suggestions here.

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