Meet the Pretty Artist: Tiffanie Anderson

ThePrettyArtist 1I was first introduced to this artist via Instagram. Her name is Tiffanie Anderson but she’s also known as The Pretty Artist. We’ve never met. I’ve never spoken to her, but her art speaks to me. She is beautiful and talented and knows how to compliment her talent with her personal brand in order to get her art the recognition it rightfully deserves. Some may say she’s a work of art herself. As a public relations specialist, I think her brand of “The Pretty Artist” is ingenious. I’m sure many go to her social media accounts not only to lay their eyes upon her paintings but the painter as well. Tiffanie has over 54,000 followers on Instagram alone, who knows how many on all her social media accounts.

Tiffanie refers to her style as realism pop and abstract art. She does a lot of portraits of historical icons and well recognized entertainers both living and deceased. After finishing her projects, she often takes a picture with them. Several of them display her still covered in paint to symbolize the work that it took to create her masterpiece. What I love most about Tiffanie’s work is the great care she takes to make each piece expressive and life-like, especially the eyes. They often appear to be looking directly at me and sometimes through me. It’s almost magnetic because I don’t want to look away. She does other types of paintings as well but her portraits are my favorite.

If you would like own a piece of her work, Tiffanie holds online auctions from time to time. The piece you see of Dr. King went for $3,000. The one of Muhammad Ali fetched $2,000. She also creates commissioned pieces if you feel the need to immortalize yourself or someone else. Visit her website to see more of her work,  You can also find her at:

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