About IGW

Welcome to the New and Improved IGW!!!

What Is A Good Woman?

A Good WomanI’m a Good Woman was founded by me, Jae Henderson. It initially grew out of my frustration with hearing men talking about the lack of quality women, yet they pass them every day. There are plenty of GOOD women out there who know how to take care of themselves, their families and their man when the right one should appear. I know because I surround myself with them. My closest friends are professional women with aspirations of being successful in their careers, their relationships and helping their community. I consider myself one as well. So, this site is dedicated to us and other women like us. This is NOT a man bashing site. I love men! Although, I will point out the error of their ways from time to time. This is a female upliftment, encouragement and motivation site. I don’t believe in waiting on a man to give us our kudos. We can give them to ourselves! Now, being a GOOD women doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We all make mistakes but those mistakes help mold us into who we are. Good women take those mistakes, own up to them, accept the consequences that accompany them, file them under lessons learned and keep it moving. Each day we strive to be better than we were the day before. So ask yourself this question….Are you a GOOD woman?

Among these pages you’ll find a place that sings the praises of women everywhere, presents positive images and messages of womanhood and allows the swapping of intelligent ideas. We even find time to highlight men who we feel compliment and appreciate the essence of true womanhood. You are invited to read about the amazing individuals we feature and comment on the topics we embrace. You are woman and how we love to hear you ROAR!

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