Cashflow for Speakers

Cashflow-Free-TrainingHello Aspiring, Novice and Seasoned Speakers!

My name is Jae Henderson. I am the founder of I’m A Good Woman, a book author, a voice over artist and a public speaker. I have set several large scale goals this year and one of them is to become a more effective and sought after public speaker. To help me achieve this goal I have chosen international public speaker Marshawn Evans Daniels as one of my mentors. If you are an aspiring, emerging or established speaker who is looking to take your message to the masses? Read on!

My friend, Marshawn Evans Daniels, is a brilliant Reinvention Strategist & Influence Expert. (You may have seen her on The Apprentice with Donald Trump, in the Miss America competition, or as a commentator for
CNN, Fox Business or ESPN…she’s everywhere!) As one of the highest-paid speakers and coaches in thecountry, her company helps everyday individuals to become world-class speakers that generate a world-class income. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just getting started, she specializes in showing you how – step-by-step – to turn your mess into a message…a million-dollar one. So if you have….

a story to share,
an expertise to teach,
a book to sell,
a product, program or business to showcase….

And, if this is YOUR year to finally build your brand as a PAID SPEAKER, then I have something very special that you don’t want to miss!

Marshawn’s FREE all-new video training series just opened up! And, oh….let me tell you….it’s full of high-value content. It’s like a what-every-speaker-needs-to-succeed-video-bootcamp! In it, she teaches what it really takes to launch and grow a profitable speaking empire. It’s called Cashflow for Speakers. And Video #1 is ready right now – here’s the link:

When you sign up for Marshawn’s Cashflow for Speakers training, you’ll also receive a FREE download – the Find Your Money Message worksheet.Get your pen and paper ready… and start watching now!

She’ll be taking this FREE training down as soon as it’s over. So don’t delay. You’re going to want to access every minute of this million-dollar speaker training before it’s gone!

I have been following Marshawn online for over a year now and I have a personal connection to her, too. So, when this opportunity came along to work more closely with her and her team I jumped at it. But guess what, I HAVE NO DESIRE to keep what I learn to myself. I want to share it with you. Believe me when I say that I don’t attach my name and personal brand to just anyone. I’m not asking you to do anything that I haven’t done myself. I believe in what she is doing and Marshawn truly is sincere about helping people obtain financial freedom through speaking. Well, I’ll stop blabbing now and just give you the link, again. I’m taking hold of my destiny, won’t you join me? And do me a favor, don’t just watch the video, sign up for her emails too. They REALLY are useful.

Watch the first video in the Cashflow for Speakers series NOW and learn how YOU can build a million-dollar speaking empire from scratch! (free video workshop):
Peace, Blessings and Prosperity to you!


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