Mosal Morszart: Living Life Like It’s Golden

I first met Mosal Morszart a few years ago when I was on social media complaining about the frame on a couch that had broken. He didn’t know me from Adamesha but was nice enough to volunteer to come to my home and repair it for me. While he worked we chatted and Mosal informed me that he was an artist at heart. He had previously abandoned his passion for more reliable employment to support his then-wife and their children. He was now divorced and his youngest daughter had recently graduated from college and he had every intention of returning to his art and living his life for him. Over the past few years, what I have witnessed is a powerhouse of talent that exploded into unique custom-made furniture and hundreds of amazing paintings and prints. I’ve also been the gracious recipient/purchaser of a set of lawn furniture made out of pallets (he calls it Pallet Works) and two gorgeous paintings that now hang in my office. He most recently started making furniture and other home décor out of tree rings that are just magnificent.

I’m loving the manifestation of Mosal Morszart.  His concepts of style and medium create both modern and contemporary art, which is identifiably intimate. His creations are displayed in private homes and throughout the City of Memphis; most notably at the Memphis Public Library, City Hall, countless small businesses, and corporate offices. His work has been exhibited at the National Black Doctor’s Convention as well as the National Black Lawyer’s Association. Mosal’s work has also been featured in several venues in Miami, Martha’s Vineyard, and Las Vegas, and have even toured under the auspices of WaterKolours Art Brokerage Firm.

by Jae Henderson

According to Mosal he draws inspiration from life itself, “I wake up ready to explore new ideas as a creator and manifesting all that I’m capable of creating. I have the pleasure of giving things life.”


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