Me Want One: The Bandalette, Saving Thick Thighs

In Me Want One we feature great products and services you should try. Our newest feature is The Bandalette. You’ve heard the term “Thick thighs save lives” well who’s saving the thighs from one another. It’s not uncommon for women with large thighs to experience chaffing when they rub against one another. That’s why Bandelettes were born! Two enterprising women decided that they’d had enough of thickalicious thigh chafing and decided to put an stop to it. Their goal was to “create comfortable and sexy lingerie that is both practical and beautiful – to help embrace curves and enhance self-confidence”. The concept is simple and all you have to do is pull the Bandelettes up onto your thighs in the area that normally kiss one another and the fabric rubs together rather than  your thigh skin. Check them out and then try them for yourself. And guess what, they even have a sports version for men!!

by Staff