What Is A Good Woman?

I’ll be the first to admit that the words, I’m A Good Woman, are subjective. I’d like to think that every woman fancies herself good in some way. However, my definition of good may not be your definition of good and vice versa. Webster says that the word good means

Good /ɡo͝od/



  1. To be desired or approved of.
  2. Having the qualities required for a particular role.

That doesn’t really help us determine what a good woman is, does it?

So, here’s my definition. A good woman is……..

    A person who identifies as female and possesses an exceptional moral character, sound judgment, and a pleasant personality and utilizes their time, talent, energy, resources, and influence to bring out the best in themselves, others, their community, and/or the world.

    Is that you? Yes? Then, welcome to the I’m A Good Woman community.

    Now here are some other traits you might find in Good Women

    1. We’re not with the B.S. We can’t help save the world while dealing with crap. It’s too distracting.

    2. We surround ourselves with good people. The Bible says, “As iron sharpens iron, one (wo)man sharpens another.” Your circle says a lot about you and good women have and keep an amazing squad of like-minded individuals.

    3. We believe in a higher power and recognize how it influences our lives and the universe. Whether people want to admit it or not God is real and the Bible is the foremost reference book on how to be a good person. Good women utilize the good book like a textbook and exercise its teachings whenever possible

    4. We love helpings other but don’t try to use us. It won’t end well, periodt. God takes care of his children.

    5. We know how to enjoy life. It can become exhausting being good and we recognize the importance of letting your hair down or just “doing me” from time to time.

    6. We handle our business. Good women have to serve as examples for others and make sure things get done right! Of course, we’re not perfect but we try!!

    Well, that’s my opinion on what makes a good woman, and I look forward to sharing more of my opinions with you in the future.



    Jae Henderson is the founder of I’m A Good Woman, an author, PR consultant and the founder of the singles empowerment group Happy & Single. Feel free to connect with her on IG at jaehendersonauthor.